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Our farm of 20 hectares of fertile land is housed in Sri Ganganagar, India. It is the northern most city located near the border of Punjab State. As this is one of the most arid regions in the country, it offers the most favorable condition for the cultivation of Jojoba. Our entire team works proactively to respond to the changing weather conditions to help our yield remain unhampered.

 Our farm is productive enough to yield 40 metric tones of Jojoba Seed in a year, therefore, we have the capacity to supply Jojoba Oil pan India and also throughout the globe without facing shortage of any sorts. We comply to all the agricultural and business regulations as stated by the government of India. We equip our farmers with the latest techniques in the farming industry in the constantly evolving environment.

Our entire team is involved in the whole process of farming from scratch till the end to make sure that our product comes out as the best one can offer.

WE are Producers not Traders

We incorporate the process of farm to formulation, which removes middle men from the whole distribution channel. It results in the direct benefits to our partner companies and helps us in maintaining the unrivaled economical pricing of our Oil.

Providing optimal quality Jojoba Oil is our prime commitment and for that, we extract oil from the handpicked seeds from our farm with immense care. We provide 100% pure Jojoba Oil without any sort of adulteration like harmful chemicals, added fragrances.

Our way to success is paved by our strong will to provide best quality with unmatched prices to our customers. Happy customers are the fuel which keeps our motivation running. 

We have always treated our farmers like our family. And due to our transparent and disciplined work culture, we have been able to provide the finest quality of Oil to our customers and partners. 

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Our Story

We are Expanding

We aspire and are committed to be the leading producer of authentic carrier Oil in Asia. With the dedicated efforts of our team , we are now planning on expanding the scope of our distribution at a global scale.

Our aim is to become a global leader in our industry by providing the best and authentic Jojoba oil to our customers all around the world.

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Our products are 100 percent natural and are free from any toxins and chemicals. Our oils are either cold-pressed or steam distilled, which preserves their natural nutrients and gives maximum benefits.